suzuki intruder wont start

Unread post Switch engine on again wont start not charging .check volt 12.4. Had a new one installed but bike still didnt start. work,not fuses. help? And I just replaced my neutral safety switch o ring and front blinkers and now wont start. I have a 1974 TL 125 honda it hasnt been started in 40 years but was running when parked I have restored in the last three months cant get it to fire I have put it in time put a new coil w/t condenser I have new stater a new plug ,new points gap at .14 plug gap at.28 have contact to flywheel,contact to plug and coil ! Whats wrong with my bike? 86 suzuki intruder.wont start #1 Unread post by keltec Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:24 pm my husband bought a 1986 suzuki intruder last weekend.rode 3 times and it then it wouldn't lights nothing. Still no power band above 8500 (in first and 2nd)..struggles mightily in 3rd, 6500 rpms. If you are still experiencing problems feel free to contact our tech team for more troubleshooting at 320-358-3409 or by email at Thanks Ryan, ill test out the bike with a new battery and see how it works out. it seized up , but then after a few more trys , it started but runs very ruff . But the question I have is it was all ok before the starter burned off. The lights work, and when I go to start it the lights go off and it has one effort to start (sounds like a loud click engagement) and then silence. After a jump start, ran great and for few next days. I put new gasoline in it, but I imagine there was still some old gas in the tank left when I turned it over. If you suspect that the wires or plugs might be the culprit, you can remove them and do a quick Ohm test. All seemed normal. You are using an out of date browser. Is the plug soaked after trying to start it? It has good spark, petcock is on, battery is strong. Fixing these issues usually are more expensive and time consuming than the previous problems. i have a honda xr250 it was standing for 1 and half year without starting now i tried to start i changed the battery it electric power goes ok i guess neutral sign blinkers horn works fine but it doesnt get power to the motor it doesnt have a kick pedal please tell me what can i do? Haha dont give up yet. I sprayed the ignition switch with contact cleaner thinking maybe it was gummed up, but still nothing. I have adjusted the decompressor cables . Thanks for your help. by BRUMBEAR Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:11 pm, #3 Gas blended with ethanol seems to break down even faster. The results of this can be the most devastating. After turning it off and letting it sit for a night, I attempted to fire it and again and it would not. Hello Bike has been sitting over winter, I dont know if be a new battery sort it or stator. Any idea what is wrong? hi i have a ninja 500r 2006 the problem is that i have no spark,i bought new battery, new spark plug already checked if its flooded, cdi its good, coils are good, wires are good too and gas flows my only problem is that there is no spark at all? You also can run a compression test on your engine. Make sure that the gas tank is vented properly. Just as satisfying is the deep rumble from the reverse taper . Hi, I have a gsxr400 gk71f. Pulled the bike intopitch black, darkness.tank off.looked for any signs of arcing. If that doesnt fix it, feel free to contact our techs. You are fucking awesome dude. The bike was off, gas was off everything thats suppose to be off they were all off. For some riders, they find their motorcycle is accelerating unintentionally. I unplugged the fuel line from the tank and cranked the bike, fuel came out. Holds charge well. They will be able to help you troubleshoot this further. Half turn like a dead battery or bad connection or loose ground? But had no problem for 3 days until now. Thanks for posting on r/MechanicAdvice! Do you have a lithium battery installed on the motorcycle? ITS pouring rain now. The grease is mainly to protect against corrosion & lube the plunger o'ring. Your tech also suggested a smaller main jet. You may also have dirty/bad injectors. Hi Chris angelique here,, what was the cause of your bike? saved me. What happened was some guy was gonna buy it and the battery was not in it. Free delivery for many products! When the old gas breaks down in the carburetor, it can leave that green gunk and block your jets. So I figured it might be something with the fuel delivery. The battery had a tender on it and finally needed to be replaced this spring which I did. I have a newer battery. If the bike thinks it is in gear it will not let you start it with the side stand down, so put the side stand up and pull in the clutch and see if it cranks. If you dont have a question and you're just showing off it belongs in r/Justrolledintotheshop Insurance/total loss questions go in r/insurance This is an automated reply. Need help just cleaned carburetor bike will start with petcock in off position when turned to on position engine floods and bike dies out any advice. Again, started for a second and died. Wants to go.and doesnt. Ran the new battery down trying to start it,,was g ona try and find some new plugs tomorrow,and I have the battery in charge now! 1 season old. JavaScript is disabled. You can contact them at 320-358-3409 or by email at bike will not start when cold unless you pull start it. Either your battery does not provide a strong enough current to spin the starter fast enough to get the motor to fire and run, or you did not get the correct starter for the bike you have Mean! He has enjoyed powersports his whole life and now gets to write about it. It's not fuel injected and it wasn't a terrible fall. can coil be d problem? Medium. Your bike will either run rough or not start at all without the proper amounts of any of those elements. Put a new battery in it wont start tried to jump it solenoid just clicks so I tried to push start it and the tires spins and it just slows to ok a stop. Now it won't start, the electric start kicks but nothing. Jon Manfrom Philly. Try changing out your plugs to see if the results are any different. New ignition switch on order. Any suggestions. As Statorshave wound wiringIm fairly sure they can fail,,,,but maybe still test within specbike sitting still. Been running fine so far,,but iIve just owned it for about a week,,,It does need a good tuneup,it sat for awhile before I bought it! I do not know very much about bikes/engines etc. Thought it was the solonoid, nothing. Help! I bought a brand new battery and it still does the same thing. The lights come on, but nothing when trying to start. Hi Kefa, this sounds like either a fuel issue or an electrical issue. I can jump start it off my van with jumper leads. any ideas ? The most common culprit is the float. Hi Ryan, Im Diane. Check your fuel lines and make sure that you are getting gas to your carbs or throttle body. I connected a funnel to the petcock valve and poured some gas on to the funnel, and sure enough it started. Please help. Could you see light through the pilot jets when you cleaned the carbs? The air box is off. The bike starts fine in the morning and after work. I did get it running by jumping the solenoid yellow wire to the hot wire which turns the engine over, if I hold the starter button down at the same time Im jumping the solenoid the bike starts and runs beautiful. It acts as if the kickstandis still down and i even played with that too. If it is rotated 180 degrees out, you will need to rotate it in 180 degrees. Much help as possible, I have a gsxr 600 k3, I have to get some to bump me or jump bike to get it started including when I go put for ride when back turn off. Bought bike new, only has 10,000 miles on it and has never been stored outside. It has spark and the compression seems okay (about 110psi cold). Ive tried push starting it and would only get a sputter and engine kill. Bike isnt turning over at all. Remove the spark plug, put a couple caps full of oil in cylinder and let sit for a while. i can bump start it fine and it runs normal then. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Hey Harry, contact our Tech Support Team and they will be able to help troubleshoot step by step to find the issue. If one or all of your cylinders have low or no compression, your engine will not fire properly or at all. I have a 1996 Yamaha Varago 1100 Suzuki Factory Service Repair Manuals in pdf format download free. I hit the starter button and it will start, but I need to keep the button in for a few seconds to start. If you are still having problems with the flow of your fuel, you will need to clean the carbs. You have already started on the fuel system, but while you wait for the choke plunger spring you could check the others. You can find one here at Ricks motorsports-, E mail me. 320-358-3409 or by email at Thanks. The problem is the initial power to the bike. Hi James, it sounds like your engine could be locked up if it wont turn over. For now, Im back to the air/fuel mixture on the bike. Thanks! Home; Church. We will be able to dig deeper into troubleshooting and faster through these channels than we can in these comments. Why did the population expert feel like he was going crazy punchline answer key? For more help troubleshooting, contact our tech team at 320-358-3409 or by email at Suggested.checking my stator.high output. Since getting the bike home, I have not been able to start it again. He drained oil & gas, cleaned it and it was running perfect. Contact us at 320-358-3409 or by email at to help you troubleshoot your problem. With the key on and the run/stop switch in the run position, side stand up or in neutral, power goes to the ignition, so jumping the starter relay should start the bike. Have, spark (strong now) fuel (cleanno gunkgas tank was thoroughly flushed), in-line filter, good carbs, new coils, swithced out CDI, caps, wires, plugs, etc.but still only have 1/2 a bike. This spring it fired right up and rode it twice with no problems. And when I was purchassing it from the owner it had a dead battery so we. Feels like that out of fuel feeling but only briefly. My stator, ohm tested to spec in all three positions. Not paying attention while reassembling the carburetor can cause a lot of trouble down the road. Also be sure that the float is working properly. Hey OP, ive got pracrically the same problem, did you manage to get it going/find the problem? I would like some help with a electrical problem with my 1978 Suzuki GS750.I found it in a barn its been sitting for 13 years. I tested my stator as per your technical supports suggestion. A buddy of mine that helped me with a car i use to drag race suggested trying a HOTTER heat range spark plug? Ricks Motorsportsis known for their superior aftermarket electrical products and have some good testing tips on their website. Thank you. I have a 85 fxr, Hey Roland, contact our Tech Team and they will be able to help you troubleshoot your issue- 320-358-3409 or by email at, Hi today my son in law done an oil change on his 125 bike in bad weather he then drove it for few miles and it stalled on him now wont start have u any ideas what can possible be wrong please, Bike turns over but the muffler sucks in air then spills out oil try a hose what does that mean, If your kick start is locked up would it lock the motor up where you cant roll it off or pull it off with anything. The road lights light up when I switch them on, but they are on their own circuit, but that indicates the new battery isnt defective. Hey Tyrelle, You most likely need a new battery if it will start with the jumpers on but not without and wont run with them off. Three teachers also died. Hi Tony, the first thing that you can check is your battery. If you still have questions, you can contact our Tech Team and they will be able to walk you through the troubleshooting process step by step- 320-358-3409 or by email at, Hi sounds like the same problem I was having, I replaced my rectifier and problem solved, give that a shot, hope I was of some help, Hi I have a 95 Suzuki intruder vs1400 and it was running good then the stator went out and after it sat for a few days I tried to crank it and it has great compression and turns over great but wont start can you help. Problem of no power after 9000 rpms (in Neutral) and under 8500 in 1st.under 8000 in 2nd and struggling to reach even 6500 rpms in 3rd. Then before starting do a dry run. Any ideas of what to check next. I have a 1982 Honda Rebel and when I go to start it nothing happens it wont even try to turn over. Other than that she is completely dead. When it stops, turn the key to off and then do it again. It has been charged adequately. You may also want to check and make sure that you are getting good spark or compression so that all of the gas is getting burned. Tried to start it same problem , starts runs perfect 3 seconds shuts down.Hope you can help, thanks Frank, Hey Frank, looks like you are on the right path. Other than this its perfect. More specifically, when I try to crank it up it turns over and over proudly until it sounds as is if it about to sputter again while the power of the crank is still very high Once again the bike runs perfect without this issue and I ride everyday. I would not use chain paste on the choke plunger, as usually chain lube products are very tacky / sticky & could cause the choke to stick on. have to give it full gas to get it to start . When my friend and I started taking things apart, I saw that there was a long hairline crack on the cylinder head. But this time bike didnt startup. Has me sobummed..and I aint a dummy or ham handed. Unless you have one of those new all-electric motorcycles, your bike needs three main things to run- Spark, Fuel/Air mixture and Compression. Hey Richie, I would clean the carbs on the bike, especially if has been sitting for a while with ethanol gas. It wont turn over at all. Green light came on saying was charged so I tried starting bank. Checked the plugs they look ok, the compression is a little low but ok. Make sure you did not reverse the new spark plug wires. It will take a minute before the necessary vacuum pull has formed again and fuel is flowing through the carb. no noise at all. But if I go on a ride and stop for a short time it doesnt like to start? Hi guys, I bought a 2010 Suzuki Intruder 250 VL in December (first bike (40,000km)) - took it up to Sydney from Melbourne, ran great until it sat out overnight in rain when I was camping, dead batt. I rode it to work Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday. Just bought an 85 virago 1000.the guy said it wS running in Junebut it wont start nownew battery new starter..he said it plumed white smoke and hasnt run since.I dont know what it could becan u give me some direction in where to start? What do I do please help. If you have access to spare coils, you can try swapping parts or you can test the parts with a load tester. Then itll backfire out the exhaust.. I have power to cluster, all lights work fine, horn is strong. Hi, have a 84 Honda nighthawk 700. Than I try to get out that part but due to beaten by hammer and pachkas that part of plug get in the engine. Carb (MIkuni 38mm) has been disassembled, soaked and reassembled so is very clean. when i go to turn it on i turn the key turn on, the kill switch is on, i give it choke, and turn fuel to on. Nada. Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Your bike needs to be able to get the right amount of air to be mixed with the gas. Hi I have 125 scooter cleaned all carb and new battery new spark plug was running and riding good and today it wont start it firing up but just not enough to get the engine started, My bike has a starting problem. What if you have changed the stator. After a jump start, ran great and for few next days. Getting compression. I have a GSXR 1000 K5 Suzuki.Last night I webt riding and when I got back home I parked in yhe yard switched of the bike to close the gates.when I want to start my bike again it doesnt want to start.I have done the duh issues.when I switch the ignition on.all my lights go on.but my petrol pump doesnt reset/buildibg pressure. My electrical start button starts the bike once. I have a 2000 gx250. CDI ?? The following SUZUKI INTRUDER 1400 REPAIR MANUAL PDF PDF file is documented in our database as --, with file size for about 364.7 and thus published at 12 Jun, 2015. Doing a good job on your cleaning is very important. Turn the ignition key on, but don't try to start engine, the voltage should be about the same 12.2 ish volts ,If a sharp drop is seen when key is turned suspect duff battery or needs charging. I have an 86 Suzuki GS450l that Ive owned for 7 years now.. Everything was fine. This bike has only 29 miles on it. perky up to the mid-point of my RPM redlines at 11,000. Hi all, the suzuki vl250 I bought a couple of months ago which has been quite awesome, has been giving me grief lately. Has new air filter. Bike just clicks like a battery? It cools down and starts well with all the same readings? 2003 HD FLHTCUI bike ran fine . They called a honda rep to come out and they came to the conclusion that it was my cdi box. Thank you! Got bike working after Duh! So I drained the tank and purchased some Seafoam. It has compression.I filed the gears down a littlethey looked like hell.but now I gotta get stuff lined up right n put back well see tomorrow I guess lol, Help I my carb was pouring gas out of it I cleaned the carb and put everything back together and now it will crank and it acts like it is starving for gas and it will quit running. I also coat the spring. It really could be anything. Earlier in the processyes.with bad rubber and worn seas. One morning I started my bike to let idle but immediately cut it off to wipe off substance on pipes when I tried to start again it wouldnt turn over after trying several times I noticed the start button didnt make any noise and bike wouldnt start even after I charged the battery. If so any advice would be helpful! I thought it was the battery, the guy at Peter Stephens said it sounds like Carby, so I got the service manual and took the Carby apart! Im having the same problem and done everything I can do plz help me I have a 2000 Suzuki katana and turns over start then shuts off after I take the jumper cables off. You most likely just need to reprime it. Just an idea if sat all night in the rain ,could be an electrical fault. Cannon Entities LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Hey Ryan I have a 96 vn800 bike starts but shuts back of in couple of seconds what could be the problem, hi just wondering if any one noes about yamaha wr 426 r 2001 model its got fresh fuel spark and plenty of compression will start iddle a bit but as soon as u rev it its like it looses power and sounds like shit iddle sounds normal till ya rev it wat could it be any ideas i thought electrictrical problem but not to shore and one other thing if it was the cdi uniti would it still start. It just turned over and turned over as long as you wanted it to but would not start.. If it stalled while riding check the battery,most likely a connection. Check your fuses first. glenn, Either you got a new battery that does not have enough cold cranking amps or you need a new starter motor! Your motorcycle might not start after cleaning the carburetor because you may have put the float back together upside down. The break was super stiff. Ryan.thanks for the info. Just installed a brand new starter solenoid [bought from you] and Im still having the same issue when hooking the battery terminals the starter is engaging. Unless you have one of those new all-electric motorcycles, your bike needs three main things to run- Spark, Fuel/Air mixture and Compression. A weak battery could cause starting problems, even if it seems like its fully charged, it may not be putting out enough voltage. any suggestions please. I just filled my tank with apple cider vinegar, and now I am letting it sit in a tub. Yes there is a electrical issue! Hi Ryan, I have a 1997 Suzuki GSX-R600. Just had it tuned up and all the junk cleaned out for sitting for almost a year.everything was great for about a week the my bike just stopped working. Fergus. Im not sure thats truebut thats what Ive read and heard from my mechanic buds). Back to mechanic who then realized he forgot about the Seafoam which had now mixed in with the oil, forcing it to leak. The simplified wiring harness I made for my 1996 VS1400. The only thing I havent done is compression. Ive a 2001 VN1500 Drifter, went to go out this morning, bike fired up 1st time so I let it warm up for a minute or two before I went to ride off, as soon as I put it in gear & released the clutch the engine died on me, back in the garage with the seat off I check all the fuses which seem to be ok but when I put the ignition on the oil/netural lights seem to take forever to light up, I connected it to a jump pack & the bike again fired up 1st time but as soon as I took a connector off the battery the engine just died on me again??? The most common time that you will encounter fuel problems is when you try to start your motorcycle for the first time after being stored for a long period of time. Any clicking? Hes convincedits not the motorcracked piston ring, worn cylinder.or valve not seating. Make sure there are no air leaks, the spark plug is plugged in, and clean out the jets and ports. I have tried everything but bike just turns over and wont start. Its 2003 HD Deuce EFI with a Thundermax tuner. Try cycling the fuel pump about 5 times to get the gas pushed through. Thanks man. Hi Keith, I would definitely start by cleaning the carbs. The bike is in 800 Suzuki intruder 1996. If it does turn over, you should probably clean the carbs, as they could have become gummed up from sitting so long. Thanks. Hey Jon this sounds like a frustrating situation. Then figure out what the total cost of the trip would be.? check if your kickstand sensor is broken. Sounds like it wants to start but doesnt. What did I do to cause the start button not to fire, Hi Thomas. Battery is brand new and charged. Thanks. Need help. Dirty carb ?? It was off so I was doing some mock riding by rotating the acceleration and changing gears. What should i do? Once again, you will need to check for those Duh issues with your fuel. I tried to start it and it started for a second and died. Please help, Hi Juwan, it sounds like you might have a faulty relay. I own a 2012 Triumph T100. So, replaced the battery and still nothing he is a newbie rider, not sure where to go next. There are sensors that you should be able to test with a multi meter, could be barometric pressure, mass air flow, manifold air pressure, coolant temp sensor, clutch swith, neutral switch. only explenation because you cannot kick it in gear while the kickstand is down. Your carburetor has a very important job to perform and if things are blocking it from doing its job, your bike will not run. Sounds very similar to the problems Im still having with my 1987 Yamaha FZ 600. Id like some ideas before I have to take it to the shop for service. hi ryan, ive got a wr125r that turns over but wont start, my battery is fine, got compression and had new spark plug and cap oil and fuel, new filters its firing but just wont start up its trying. Cant test ride. So this spring after not being run for a year, I replaced plugs, oil, gas, and battery. A liquid-cooled, 45-degree V-twin engine delivers strong, torquey performance. The engine is turning over, but nothing is happening except for the fact that your frustration level is rising. Any ideas? Drove bike in shop and parked it, bike hasnt started since. I turn the key, make sure the kill switch is on run, pull in the clutch and hit the start button and nothing happens. If I see/feel any bump in the powerband.after installing the 105s, Ill know thats the right direction to turn. The carburetor has the important job of mixing the fuel and air before it enters the engine. Jun 4, 2016. Three of four bad shape. Made it back home with same problem. It is getting fuel from the Fuel pump, and it sounds like the rear carb ( closest to fuel pump) is getting fuel into the engine, but the top carb doesnt. Then I fully charged the battery and then bike starts normally. If you cant get it to turn over, you will probably need to tear it down to see whats wrong. So I just got a new battery for my bike as it was not starting. Have replaced the battery and checked neutral safety switch, it seems to be working fine. No turning over or anything. If it starts it will smoke for a bit but should gain the compression needed. Fuel injectors are able to draw all of the gas out until the system is bone dry. Hey Ryan, thats an interesting issue. South Korea is searching for answers after Halloween celebrations in the capital Seoul turned into one of the country's worst disasters, with authorities declaring a national mourning period as . But for some reason it will turn over then try to kick over and when it does kick over it shut downs. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. I have a 93 Suzuki Intruder 800 that that wont start. I dont think it has one. thanks. If you need more help, you can contact our tech and they will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue step by step- 320-358-3409 or by email at Fuel is getting to the float bowl and at least some into cylinder as spark plug is not dry when I check. This is just a reminder to review the rules. I think I am in for some work trying to get this bike back in running shape. Make sure your air filter is cleaned. My bike wouldnt start I tried push starting it down Griffith Park, and had almost lost all hope. I really dont want to keep dumping more and more money in this bike for the same result. It was strong). The only thing that came on was the headlight. Sometimes the switch gets moisture in it and will rust/ corrode. Press and hold button for a few seconds and it will the start. I killed the power, and now the transmission wont shift (except 1st and neutral), the bike wont start, and the rear tire/break is still locked. So I put it back on the lift. Make sure the needle/seat is clean and the float is working properly. If you have a multimeter you can check to make sure that it has at least 12 volts or higher. I need to get it to start so I can clean the jets any suggestions? Gday Ryan. it has a all new oe parts, self start is cannot sucessful. Infinity Sports. Help!! Hi guys I have a yamaha vstar 650 that acts like it floods when sitting over night, I have to shut the petcock off when I shut her off and I have to fight to get it to fire up in the morning. Hey Madalina. I would look a little more into the neutral . Ok I have a 2001 pw yz 80 pit bike to mess around on.I have cleaned the carb air filter and cleaned the spark plug too.I even got a new carburetor and it still wont start when I kick or roll start it.I really need help. Once I release the start button it then makes a release noise. louisiana department of insurance license lookup, mississippi traffic cameras,

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